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After a sort of "Partial Reset" MMS options disapp

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Hi All!

I've got a bit of a problem, my phone was acting kinda slow so I thought to turn it off and on again to "freshen" it up. :lol:

When I turned it on, it stuck to the Smartphone 2000 screen for what seemed like forever. So I turned it off again. :shock:

This happend around 3 - 4 times and it finally hanged at that screen on the last time. :?

So I pulled the battery, waited a few seconds and put everything back together again.

When I powered up, I saw symptoms that are pretty much considered a "partial reset" (according to what happened to some in this forum). :D

All settings were set to default, all my sounds and photos were still safe, T9 seemed to have retained all previously used words. All contacts vanished and my MMS counter in the home screen reads MMS () instead of MMS (0). :?:

I re-entered all my network settings but I can no longer make MMS nor can I recieve it. I asked my sister to send me a message to test it out and it came back as regular SMS and displayed as E-mail (1) in the home screen instead of MMS. :shock:

When I try to make a new message, the option to choose from SMS, E-mail and MMS is no longer available and it goes directly to making an SMS.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Please help.

Hope to hear from you guys soon as this is bugging the heck out of me.

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