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activesync on bluetooth connection to laptop

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ive got a bluetooth dongle on my laptop and my spv e200 conects to the pc ok. but, i cant see how to get it to do file transfers and more importantly, i cant get activesync to recognise the bluetooth connection as a valid connection.

can it be done?

i can tell activesync to look at com ports, and the com ports in device manager say bluetooth com port but it seems my smartphone doesnt allow it to be a com port.

any help at all which be hugely appreciated

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i assume that the way that activesync works means that if i can get my phone to connect to my laptop as a serial com port, then it will pick it up. but when i try to do that, i get the error

Service Bluetooth Serial Port is not found on device SmartPhone

am i looking in the right place? do i just need to install this on the phone and everything will be fine? please assist;


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The way I have got around the problem is to:

- First pair/bond your phone and laptop

- On your laptop set the bluetooth serial port to something (say 7)

- In the ActiveSync (still on your laptop) set it to the same port

- Set the bluetooth on your phone to On

- Try to Get Connected from the ActiveSync on your laptop and cancel it (I am not sure why and if this is required - but it didn't work without this for me)

- Start the ActiveSync on the phone and use Connect via Bluetooth and after a while it should get connected.

Note: to transfer the files you can just use the file manager and beam the file accross either way - without ActiveSync - but of course the ActiveSync is more convinient.

Also: I have tried the Setup BT ActiveSync from my phone's ActiveSync - but that didn't work for me - it said something about bonding with device that support serial port or ActiveSync profile, which is puzzling since the laptop bluetooth software does support serial port, but the phone doesn't by the looks of it.

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