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Download i600 WM 2003 Upgrade for free...

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Since October, I believe it was, the i600 upgrade went from being free to costing $15; available at this website

However, after reading this article at msmobile, I discovered the names of the files involved in the update (i600_UpgradeTool.exe, WM2003_i600.img).

Just curious, I decided to plug in the file name into the upgrade website url, and sure enough it worked! Im not sure what the legality is of this, but the files are available at a public url. As long as you adhere to the EULA, I see nothing wrong with downloading these files:

links removed

Enjoy =]

Edit: Links updated to reflect changes in the filename. Thanks chinacat!

Please do not post links to roms which should be paid for

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You also need ActiveSync 3.70 and the Samsung drivers. Follow the instructions exactly and you will be rewarded with success. Overall I like the upgrade. Two out of three phones went smoothly for me. The upgrade is free but having someone do it for you costs $15. Not an outrageous sum considering the potential headache should something go wrong.

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