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Please read before posting... Forum rules!

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Welcome to MoDaCo Phone Edition!

I have posted a few 'Forum Rules' below that should be followed, to make the forum a great place for everyone... :)



No posts discussing or links to illegal software

These will be deleted, and you will receive an official warning. Repeat offenders will be banned. This includes asking for registration codes or swapping commercial software. This INCLUDES asking for links to software you have 'already bought'. If this really is the case, contact the developer concerned.

Do a search

Please do a search of the forum to ensure the question you are about to ask has not been posted already.

If it has, but has not been answered, simply post a reply to the existing thread, and it will bump it up to the top.

No flaming or trolling

Be respectful of other posters and please keep discussions tasteful. If you want to yell at someone please do it in private (PM).

No excessive or continual use of profanity or vulgarities

No spamming

This includes PM spam, It's OK to have a link back to your webpage in your signature but any off-topic spam will be deleted. That includes 'helping people' by advertising your site to them or soliciting other members. This also includes links that have a referral ID in them.

No multiple usernames per person

Only one username is allowed per forum member.

No lifts on bans

Being banned means that you can no longer post to MoDaCo Group sites. You are also banned for life and if we suspect you signed up under a new username that will be banned too (if we're mistaken we apologize).

No cross posting

Post to the correct forum! I have instructed the moderators to delete double posts.

And Finally...

Its ok to go off-topic but if a discussion gets really off-topic go post it to the off-topic forum (This can be found at MoDaCo Smartphone, MoDaCo Phone Edition's sister site, here.

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