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For some reason 50% of the time the red 'hang up' button does not hang up calls! I need to go right soft key > 1 to end it. If i turn phone off and on again, problem disappears. But then the next odd time i turn it on it does the same thing or even after a short time I need to restart phone.

Don't want to reset or anything really as I don't want to backup.

EDIT - sorted it, it was betaplayer. I had set hang up key to stop and even when you exit betaplayer, the key didn't reassign.. at least I think i've sorted it now.

Got another on though. Even though the alarm is set to "off". If I turn the phone off and then on again, I get presented with the alarm reminder screen with a very loud noise! What on Earth....?

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I had a similar bug report for BetaPlayer lately. The problem is OS related, some keys are not restored and I can't do anything about it. I disabled the possibility of mapping the hang up key on smartphones in the latest version (Stable 0.5).

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