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I've done a search and seen that I'm not the only one to have a camera driver problem, it seems for most people it's hardware related. I've tried everything suggested but nothing seems to work.

Looking through the Windows directory with Smart Explorer I see I've got two dll's HTCCamera.dll and sercamera.dll, can anyone confirm they have the same, and if so would copying and pasting someone else dll's be a possibility, and of course can anyone send them to me?

Anything to avoid the dreaded hard reset.

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copy paste of the camera drivers wouldnt work i dont think (they would be overwritten on restart)

and its not a driver problem so it would be a pointless exersize anyway.

Check the pins for signs of ware / damage etc.

You could try ahard reset but i very much doubt it would do any good.

I would buy another camera,shouldnt cost more than a couple of pounds

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A Warner thanks for locking the other one and unlocking this one. I know the simple solution is to buy another camera, but given that I've only had this one since January, that I bought it new, and that it's only been ou of it's plastic pouch 5 times, I'm reluctant to shell out more money and have the same problem.

I've tweaked all the contact pins with a pin in case some were bent in slightly and airbrushed the slot to blow out any dust. I still get the same error message.

When I contacted the vendor, they said I should re-flash the ROM, sounds a bit over the top to me.

The interesting thing is that the standard picture program seems to have a glitch in it anyway when used in conjunction with xbar. I can open the program, use it but if I shut it down with xbar it won't open again, I wonder if there's a connection?

I'll keep going on this, I'm stubborn like that, and see what happens. I'm really reluctant to reflash the ROM as the Orange Back up tool I have seems to not work, but I'm going to post a seperate query on that so don't answer here.

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