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I regularly get this problem and it's either me being stupid, or a shortfall in the site.

The scenario:

It's Sunday morning and the last time I looked at the forums was last night at around 9pm. There's maybe 200 new posts to look through.

However - I've checked my email first and there was a topic reply notifcation from a thread that I was watching....so I click on it and read the new replies in that thread. Then I close my browser.....oops!

Now when I come back, I try looking for new posts and it tells me that there aren't any...because I last visited just minutes ago!

Is there any way to search for posts made in the last xxxx hours?

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Yeah, I do that too.

There is an option at the bottom of the page somewhere (on the forum views I think) that lets you choose "todays active topics" (or something like that)

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