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I came to the forum today by clicking a link in an email I received from a subscribed topic. I then made two replies to the topic. I then clicked 'View New Posts' and only two items showed up, which I know is incorrect.... :shock: :cry:

This is the main way I visit MoDaCo, by clicking View New Posts to see what's new...

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its never worked very well, and unless you only browse using the view new posts button it tends to foget whats new and whats not

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Not being funny but this has always been a bugbear for me as well as sometimes I will click on a topic and it will timeout or some other problem will happen, then when I refresh and go to show new posts the list is empty :shock:

When that happens its a nightmare to find where you where by going through the forums manually :cry:

As the forum is undergoing a facelift what about an option that allows you to see which posts have been posted during a certain period, something like...


I am sure we are not alone and that everyone at some point has a hiccup of some sort which causes them to loose their place. What about it :?:

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Unfortunately there are some complex issues with the way Invision Power Board (out platform) handles read / unread posts atm.

I anticipate this will be greatly improved in the next release, and when me upgrade to that, I will revisit the 'new posts'.

'Active in last x minutes' is interesting tho... will have a ponder on that one ;)


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