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i-mate release Pda2k ROM Upgrade 1.40

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Don't think anyones mentioned this before??, apologies if so...

Lifted from I-mate's webpage

Device Support - ROM Upgrade for i-mate™ PDA2k

The latest version of the Microsoft operating system AKU2.6 for the i-mate™ PDA2k is now available for download for some language builds. This will be available in all language builds very soon.

The 1.40 ROM build provides some significant improvements in the multimedia capability of the device including Windows Media Player 10 and further media formats available as ringtones. The build also has as new Bluetooth, WiFi and GSM radio stacks. Further GSM audio enhancements are currently under development and expected to be available on this page later in May.

These upgrades will erase all existing information on your device. It is strongly recommended that you synchronise your Contacts, Callender, Mail and Tasks to your PC before upgrading your device. On synchronization, hard reset the device (Press the Power ON button and perform a soft reset simultaneously to hard reset)

Ensure that Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7.1 is installed on your PC. This can be found on the CD-ROM that came with the i-mate™ PDA2K or can be downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile. Follow the on screen instructions. Then connect your i-mate™ PDA2K to your PC with the USB Cable connected directly to the PC.

The details of the new ROM image are:

For the Worldwide English Build:

ROM version: 1.40.00 WWE

ROM date: 03/10/05

Radio version: 1.12.00

Protocol version 1337.42

ExtROM version: 1.40.176 WWE

Other languages are available on their site, You need to sign in to download

Edit x3: This rom includes Windows Media Player 10 and also has SKYPE Version preloaded onto the ROM!!! ;)

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I dont suppose i would be lucky enough for this to work on an M2000, or even that Hell may have actually frozen over and an update from Orange may be in the offing?

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Unfortunately Phil you're probably not far wrong about the likelihood of Orange releasing this update (or one like it). But there is hope.

You need to check out the wiki pages for the Blue Angel over at XDA-Developers.com for how to install this update onto non Imate Blue Angels. It won't just install on non Imates I'm afraid so it's not as easy as just getting the update.

I'm all set to do it but have held off for the last three days because there are STILL issues even with this latest rom (a new issue is to do with Windows Media Player 10 along with some old issues) and I'm not sure I can be bothered to reinstall everything. Neither do I want to kill my MDA III if it goes wrong...

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Update: Yesterday I attempted the update to the Imate rom. :shock:

Now, I've succesfully done many updates over the years, some of them official and some of them not but this is the first time I've managed to reduce my device to paperweight status! Having began the process to update I found I'd left my firewall on and assume it was this which prevented my device getting any further then the bootloader where it stuck. No hard reset would fix this as the update had already wiped my rom. :|

Anyway, I'd already ready what to do in this situation so although I was worried I just closed the processes and programs involved, reset the device, and tried again (making sure I'd turned off the firewall this time!).

End result, my MDA III now calls itself an Imate on the bootup screen and the rom versions and rom dates are a damn sight more impressive. ;)

More insights to follow...

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To: whom it may concern and wishes to help a desperate PDA2K user

Subject: ROM image


hello there,

The reason I am posting this message is because of the following. I purchase a i-mate PDA2K from another user who was the 3rd owner of the device. The original owner registered the device and neither of the previous owners bother to do the work to get the account information from the original first owner. Now when I try to register it tells me the IMEI is already registered.

It has been impossible to contact the original owner.

Can I get the ROM image from someone?

I truly appreciate. Thanks

Desperate PDA2K user

I have contact customer service and this is their response:


SUBJECT: imei already registered

Dear Sir/Madam,

Regarding your issue, I am extremely sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you and your customer in creating his personal account at www.clubimate.com. However and as I told you, please note that we are in the process of developing the correct procedures for the registration of second hand units.

The website will be updated with the same very shortly and we request you and your customers to keep a check on www.clubimate.com to complete the registration process for their devices.

In the meanwhile, if you or your customers have any queries, do feel free to contact us; we will be glad to assist!


Mahmoud S. Hamdan

Technical Operations Engineer


Office No. 207-213

Building 11

PO Box 500085

Dubai Internet City

Dubai, UAE

[email protected]

Tel: 00 971 (0) 4 390 1 989

Fax: 00 971 (0) 4 390 4 428

www.carrierdevices.com www.clubimate.com

*Enhance your productivity with the i-mate™ PDA2!

The i-mate™ PDA2 is now available and features integrated WiFi, a 520 MHz processor, Windows Media Player 10 and a 1.3 megapixel camera.

Register online at www.clubimate.com for your free hosted Microsoft Exchange email account!


From: Stalin Acosta [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 11:30 PM

To: Support and Contactus

Subject: imei already registered

I purchased a phone from someone who already registered, what do I do to register the phone under my name?



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IM MSN: stalin_acosta

Cell: (914) 469-8548 Cingular (Carrier)

Send a text message --> https://www.cingular.com/sendamessage

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