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Hard Reset Htc Alpine

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I decided to hard reset my SPV m1500 Aka HTC Alpine (XDAIIi/PDA2/Qtek 2020i/SPV M1500).

Here are the instuctions on how to do this.

Take the HTC Alpine and Press the Stylus into the bottom left corner hole(on the side of the device)

Then press and hold the Power Button in.

(Simple instructions:

Press stylus into hole at bottom left side of device, Press and hold power button in at the same time.Device will turn itself off, this means your all done)

The device will now turn off and when you restart your device it will be on factory settings.

Hope this helps people if they run into trouble.


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Cheers ... getting mine Monday and I often do a hard reset now and then to "clean up" my c550 so probably do the same for the m1500

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