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Hi there,

I just got my XDA EXEC, from UK, I'm in the USA.

I just put my cingular(AT&T wireless), and then I did the hard reset to change my phone to corporate mode, now my phone is working but I'm having 2 problems, please I need some help with this because is getting me crazy.

the most important problem is that I have really bad reception at my office or at home, the antenna only has 1 line reception. Do you have bad signal reception also. I use to have a Siemens sx66 and the reception was way better than this one, please let me know if any of you are having the same problem.

The other problem is that my phone is in roaming all the time, I think this is because this phone is from UK, and I'm located in the USA, and the SIM card is from Cingular(AT&T wireless) from USA where I live.



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Hope someone can help or that you get it sorted (if you find something out please let us know).

Moved to HTC Universal section (as that's what the XDA Exec is called before being branded by O2)

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