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OK, anyone else had THIS....?

For some reason all the numbers down the side of my menus have turned to letters!

e.g the Quick list used to look like this:

1 Power off

2 Flight mode

3 Turn On Wi-Fi


4 Key lock

etc... etc

Now it looks like this:

A Power off

B Flight mode

C Turn On Wi-Fi


D Key lock

etc... etc

This would be less annoying if I could still use the appropriate number key to select the corresponding option, but I can't! And it happens on every single menu that uses (or used to use) numerical shortcuts. Also, if you, for example, select wifi settings the OS obviously goes to settings, then enters the numbers for connections, then wifi, so this no longer works! it just takes you to settings and stops there.

Incidentally I have the SP5, although I'm sure its entirely possible this can happen to any WM5 smartphone...

The first question of course is 'Ehhh?'

next question is how do I sort this, preferebly without doing a hard reset? (Can't be bothered starting again, but I feel that its inevitably the only way).

Weird eh? Maybe some smart person knows the registry setting to change?

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