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Alternative to Speed Dial (Today Plug-in)

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i've read a lot of threads regarding the speed dial function not working properly for the a701...myself included. heck even the manual shows that you can only go as far as sending an sms to the speed dial entry. what i've done is changed the dial pad for the phone...although the one for the mio is adequate i'm not too crazy about the design either. so; i went over to buzz.net to download some better looking skins; i currently use steel orange (grey interface)...although the speed dial cannot show pictures the good thing is that now speed dial works.

another alternative is the attached cab file; it's a today plug in which allows you to put a small photo on your today screen and use this for speed dial. for more details please refer to this:


when you install, you can go to your today settings and click on the "speed dial" item. from there click on options. you can create a new speed dial entry:

1) click "new"

2) click "link to contact" (from here the contacts will now appear)

3) click on the contact you want, make sure that he/she has a photo assigned already

4) click on "picture speed dial" (note, if you click on text speed dial the shortcut which will appear on your today screen is a rectangular box with the contact's name)

5) click "ok"

if you'll notice your today screen, you will have 5 photo contacts/speed dial entries present. take note that this is NOT restricted to having more than 5...as you click on "new" and add more speed dial contacts you'll notice that on the today screen there will be a small directional button beside the rightmost photo contact. clicking on this will simply show the next photo contacts you assigned. in this case you're only limited to seeing 5 photo speed dials on your today screen at one time...but you can view the others when you click on the directional button.

btw, clicking on the photo speed dial will not bring up the phone app/dial pad. you can end a call by pressing on the red "hang up" or power button of the mio. bluetooth works too; i find the app helpful specially when i'm driving.




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