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1) My SPV seems slow and I was wondering if there is a way of speeding it up! I was thinking that as it is windows based it might have a clean up function like windows! (clearing out the temporary files that take up so much space)

2) My joystick is a bit temperamental when trying to go down, any suggestions?

3) What is the current rom version as I am on

Answers to any of these questions would be greatly received.



1) try hard reset you handset, and don't run too much softwares, end the inessential softwares after use it.

2) replace it^_^,

3)the rom version seems won't be updated by orange, if you like, you could try the T-mobile's version, but some guys said it's worse than orange one. And I also have the China Mobile version, which could change into english font easily and merely build in WM basical software, no file manager, task manager, no other music player, it's jiust clean and clear

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