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TomTom 5 and GPS2GE problem.

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I'm trying to rum TomTom 5 and GPS2GE 2.2 on WM5 but I can only get one og those to connect to the GPS.

I think the problem might be on that small program that installs with GPS2GE called GPSGate.

Do you know what setting I need to run these two programs at the same time, please?

Thank you,

Raul Nunes

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You need to run GPSGE FIRST and select COM4 - 4800 baud, THEN run Tomtom and select COM4 - 4800 baud in that as well.

It will only work this way because tomtom can't open com4 on it's own, it needs other software to do it. Once it's open, tomtom will run fine on COM4 and you ge the benefit of instant fix as well. If you are using tomtom on it's own, it's better to use COM2 (HW_COM) as tomtom can connect to that.

If you can, then uninstall GPS Gate. You don't need it with WM5.

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