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Converting Vidoe in 18 Steps using Media Encoder

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Hi there

This article is created as response to quite a large amount of mails I have received, concerning my preferred configuration for converting video to a more suitable format when viewed on the smart phone.

This step-by-step guide is made as easy as possible so everybody get the Ida.

Experience required: none


Before you star make sure

You have something to convert. (Notice that Windows Media Encoder does not support DivX and other highly used formats)

Step 1

Start Windows Media Encoder; it should look something like this:


Step 2

from the session menu item, or press Ctrl+W


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6

Now you should have a dialog named New Session Wizard, where you have to select a profile.

Sadly Windows Media Encoder doesn?t have a default setting suitable for the smart phone so we have to create one for us self.

Therefore click on the button Create and Manage Profiles.


Step 7



Step 8



Step 9



Step 10


Step 11


Step 12

This is the hardest step because we have to select a lot of stuff.

Let's go.


Codec: Windows Media Audio V8

Format: 10kbps, 11kHz, mono (you want 20kbps, 22kHz, mono if there is a lot of music in what your converting)

Video Codec: Windows Media MPEG-4 Video V3

In the Video size select box we chose Custom.. and hurry on to next step.


Step 13

Now we need to type in the video format...

If you have done nothing to your media player write 160 as width and 120 as height.

If you have installed the advanced skin for media player you have a larger screen in your Media Player and therefore want 176 as width and 132 as height.

(Don?t know what the advanced skin is? click here)

When the values are typed in click the OK button. When done click the Next > button.


Step 14

Frame rate: 8

Key frame interval: 2

Image quality: 0 (it?s a slow phone and we want fast motion)

Click the Next > button.


Step 15

What you should have now is a status window containing information about the settings we just made.

Check you did made all the right settings and click Finish


Step 16


Step 17

Olla you just created your smart phone profile, and if everything is well it should be selected.

Click Finish

If a popup containing a lot of information pups up, just click OK :D


Step 18

button to create smooth video for your smart phone.



Yes I know that this was quite long, but the good news is next time you convert something you already have made a SmartPhone profile, so you can skip step 6 to 16 :(

Have fun and play nice.

Chris Benjaminsen

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