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nokia n93 - possibilities?

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I know that this phone has been released in a few other countries, and im guess the delay for australia and the uk is because we use pal at 25 fps instead of ntsc at 30fps.

anyway, here's a few questions for those that have it or those that somehow would know anyway.

1.I've heard a new 4gb miniSD is now available and i wanted to ask if there is any theoretical limit for the n93 that would prevent it from using this card.

2.I'm also wondering if the phone doesn't have a stylus or anything like that, how do you browse the internet on simbian? do you do the equivalent of alt tabbing, or do you move a mouse around with a joystick?

3.my bigggest problem with this phone is it doesn't have a hard drive. haha. wishfull thinking i know. but a good possibility is maybe developing a card reader that could plug directly into it that would allow you to play music off a 8-10 gb CF card. is this possible through java on the phone?

4.what does it enable you to do when you "unlock" a phone?

if anyone has any idea on how to possibly expand the accessible space on the phone I'd be very greatfull.

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1> Transfer rate is going to be EVERYTHING when it comes to using memory with the N93. I can't remember the details but the card is going to have to support constant high data rates for video recording, which many cheaper cards and quite possibly the larger cards, at least initially, won't support.

2> The new Symbian browser works in a similar way to PIE, AFAIK, although it has an overview mode. You can see a mini version of the page you are looking at and can select areas of the screen to zoom in from, then by using the joystick you can highlight various links on that view or scroll between views.

3> I have no idea how you would go about adding that sort of functionality to the phone, I would imagine it would have to be done at ROM level.

4> As in SIM unlock or the complete unlock? Sim unlock allows you to use any network but I don't think a complete unlock can be done under the latest Symbian OS, it is designed to require security models. I may be entirely wrong though.

Just as an FYI the current UK firmware seems set to a US video standard of 30fps and 640x480 by default. With those settings the video I saw looked very, very compressed on bright sections of the image and noticeable compressed around the outside of the image leading to almost a halo effect. Not seen 25fps and 720x576. Also, the most recent reports I have read suggest that the firmware is even more buggy than the N80, although it has not been confirmed whether it is a late beta or the release version being tested.

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