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Plus Partners: Welcome eSoft Interactive!

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I would like to welcome eSoft Interactive to our 'Plus Partners' program!

In their own words...

Company background

eSoft Interactive is a Philippine-based software company established on April 2001 and specializes in game development for various platforms, the first one in our country.

We are composed of young, spirited and dedicated individuals who take pride in their work as both IT professionals and as Filipinos. Our vision is to become one of the most recognized game development companies in the world.

The Philippines has always provided excellent support for the Windows Mobile platform, and it's my pleasure to partner with eSoft Interactive as a leading Philippines development company!

Under the terms of our 'Plus Partnership', MoDaCo Plus members can now benefit from no less than FOUR FREE GAMES for Pocket PC, with Smartphone versions to follow... specifically:

- Arcade Challenge - http://www.esoftinteractive.com/ppc-ac.html
- Concentrix - http://www.esoftinteractive.com/ppc-ctrix.html
- Jewel Challenge - http://www.esoftinteractive.com/ppc-jc.html
- Traffic Jam - http://www.esoftinteractive.com/ppc-tjam.html

eSoft Interactive have an excellent range of products for Pocket PC, Smartphone and Palm... Click here to find out more!

MoDaCo Plus members, check out your dedicated area for this great benefit :)



Click Here if you would like to learn more about joining MoDaCo Plus!

Would your company like to become a 'Plus Partner'? Click Here to contact us!

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Nice one, now more games for me to play :)

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