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Moto Q + Clearvue and Tmo SDA

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ok everyeone i appreciate everyones help on this one. i had a SDA from Tmo and swapped over to Verizon and got a Q.

Why cant i load the Clearvue that came with my SDA which is for WM5 on my Q? Also is there a way i can load the OZ messenger from my SDA on my Q. I know it sounds cheap but, i refuse to pay $30 to use aim and gtalk on my Q. I have agile which i use now, but i dont use gtalk enough so i wanted just the aim part. The problem is that my agile keeps logging my aim off after a while, is there a setting for this?

since i paid for clearvue with my SDA i would like to use it on my Q.

thanks for everyones help on this one.


p.s. i did read that the Q can restrict unknown apps or publishers so is that the issue here?

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