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2.71 tiff exploit

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will use the tetris game as an example.

1: Download either tetris, pong or tron to your PC

2: un zip the to a folder on your PC

3: open the folder named TETRIS and it should have 3 files in there:

loadbinary.tif tetris.bin tetris.jpg

4: copy the TETRIS folder

5: put PSP into USB mode and access it using PC

6: paste the TETRIS folder into the PHOTO folder which is located in the PSP folder.

7: If a PHOTO folder is not in the PSP folder, and you have a PICTURE folder at the top level of the memory stick, then create a PHOTO folder in the PSP folder and place the TETRIS folder inside the PHOTO folder.

Hope this is clear enough.

WinRar - used to unpack .rar folders

Here are all three homebrew applications available, i will try to keep this list updated:

Button swap O to X

Button swap X to O

Analog fun

[Download - Tetris v1.1 For 2.7-2.8 Firmware]

[Download - Homebrew SDK v1.1 For 2.7-2.80 Firmware]

File Assistant --- Version 0.06 --- Now has UMD reader and battery info, also better dialogs

File Assistant --- Version 0.05

SNAKMAN --- a simple pacman style game, dosent exit properly yet, expect an update. ENJOY!

Font Editor




pong new version


tetris + sdk

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Why would you want to do this?

2.60, 2.70 and 2.71 all have downgrades available. Downgrade to 1.5, play whatever you want, and install devhook to fake the firmware so you can play the new games too.

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Bricked PSP's, now doesnt that send a chill down your spine!!!!

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I'll pass!

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