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Plus Partners: Welcome DeveloperOne!

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I am delighted to welcome DeveloperOne and their excellent CodeWallet Pro 2006 product to our 'Plus Partners' program!

Check out Developer One's About Us page to learn more about the company... it's a very interesting read! Myself and MoDaCo have had a long relationship with Developer One, and we have always received excellent support from them - it's great that we are now taking this a step further by welcoming Developer One to the Plus Partner programme!

One of Developer One's top products is CodeWallet Pro 2006.


Keep your information to yourself.
Securely manage all of your important info.

CodeWallet Pro is the #1 secure business and personal information management tool for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone.

Manage passwords, banking information, credit card details, PIN codes, travel plans, insurance policies, registration codes, gift lists, you name it, CodeWallet Pro manages it.

CodeWallet Pro will get you organized and let you find all of your important information when you need it.

Password protection and strong data encryption keeps your information from others.

Complete flexibility lets you store just about any type of information you can imagine, include attachments, graphics, sound files...

Synchronize your information with your Desktop PC with the Desktop Edition to manage and access your information from anywhere at anytime!

Store everything in CodeWallet Pro.

Passwords, account numbers, travel information, membership IDs, online accounts, documents, pictures, PIN codes, file attachments and more.

* Strong encryption and password protection ensures the security of all of your information.

* Over 40 built-in information form layouts to store any type of information quickly.

* Easily create your own forms to meet your exact needs. The built-in forms editor makes it effortless. Download additional form layouts for free or share your creations!

Forms include fields like: password, date, checkbox, email, web/URL, phone, time and more.
Hyperlinks let you immediately make calls from the phone numbers in your wallet, send email, browse web pages, or view attachments! You're not stuck with fixed form layouts! Change any of the built-in ones or create new ones with ease.

* Find your information in an instant. Search results are conveniently stored in your Search folder for quick access.

* "My Favorites" lets you create shortcuts to all of the information you most frequently reference.

* Customize and create your own information card layouts. Want to customize the fields of the credit card template? Modify, delete, and add your own fields with a few clicks...

* Enhanced user interface makes working with your information easier than ever.

Worried about storing personal information on your office PC? Use the available Desktop Companion Edition and make sure your information stays private. Even system administrators won't be able to access your data! And the new 2006 Desktop Companion now adds even more security and convenience by allowing you to install CodeWallet Pro to a USB memory stick!

Under the terms of our 'Plus Partnership', MoDaCo Plus members can now benefit from a FREE copy of the CodeWallet Pro 2006 application for Pocket PC / Smartphone.

If you'd like to know more about DeveloperOne's products then Visit the DeveloperOne site, and visit the CodeWallet Pro 2006 product page for specific information, or to purchase the application for $29.95.

MoDaCo Plus members, check out your dedicated area for YET ANOTHER great benefit :rolleyes:



Click Here if you would like to learn more about joining MoDaCo Plus!

Would your company like to become a 'Plus Partner'? Click Here to contact us!

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I am delighted to welcome DeveloperOne and their excellent CodeWallet Pro 2006 product to our 'Plus Partners' program!

Modaco Plus is becoming incredibly good value. If I ever get another MS smartphone joining Modaco Plus would probably be enough to kit it out completely!

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I love CodeWallet Pro and it is an essential addition to whatever device I'm using.

DeveloperOne's support staff are lovely. So helpful and always cheerful :rolleyes:

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