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Unable to inspall programs on new 2125

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Just bought a new 2125. Popped in my 1 gig card (still have some old stuff from the SMT5600. Tried to insall Opera and Papyrus. Looks like it's installing and even get the progress bar on phone screen but then phone says install was unsuccessful. Also when I copy the .cab file to the phone and try a direct install it says installation unsuccessful.

Any suggestions???

Also...can I format the mem card from the phone???

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well, if it says it can't install, you generally have a program that wasn't made for your phone.

I don't use Opera or Papyrus, but maybe you want to go and try to find a version that is made for WM5 or somthing compatible.

Also, many people have been having problems with 1GB cards that have multi-leveled (i think?) memory systems. What brand of miniSD card is it? Kingston had had problems I believe, but I have a Patriot 1GB with no problems.

Can you load files onto it, and will your phone see the card? THats is pretty much the way to tell is what I'm hearing.

But either way, I find it faster to install programs you'll use often onto the phone's memory over the SD card, the only thing I've put on there is the ClearVue Suite.

Not exactly sure what is going on overall, but WM5 support is usually the root of the problems, as companies have just started supporting it, some not at all.

Hope somthing in there helped.

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I have Papyrus and Opera both installed to the SD card fine. Does sound like yours is app-locked though it shouldn't be. Do all apps fail to install or just those two? Did you have any problems installing the Clearvue apps that came with it?

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