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Are Smart Panel struggling to cope with this offer?

I got an email saying that they had not received any data for a while. I've done a soft reset, I've reinstalled the software. There are data files in the data folder & my phone keeps connecting to 3G for no apparent reason.

I replied to the email I got sent, but it won't go through, I get

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of

its recipients after 2 days.

The message has not yet been delivered to the following addresses:

host mail.mmetrics.com[]:

connection to mail exchanger failed with timeout

I tried to use the contact form on their site & it gave me an error. Any ideas? I'm spending money connecting to 3G, but have not had anything from M:Panel since my original £15.

Any thoughts?


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Which system?

The M:Panel email addresses are seperate from MoDaCo.


erm, I think the modaco one, I got the e-amil confirming that i had been entered, but it said the username was SDA_Guy!?

If that account is registered, could you delete it (i thought I had) and then set it up so that 'TreColl' receives the e-mails instead. if its too much hassle, dont worry about it though

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Got my £15 yesterday :)

Only trouble was when I took the Postal Order to the Post Office, I offered the nice lady some ID and she gave me the PO back and said "Well you'd better write your name on it then..."

It had been sent with no name on it at all! It was accompanied by a nice letter with my name on, but naff-all on the PO!



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