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Media Player 11 and SPV C600

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After upgrading to the full version (rather than beta) of WMP11 (Windows Media Player 11) I can no longer sync to my memory card.

All WMP11 gives me is the phone storage, I can't access the card from within WMP11. I can copy files using ActiveSync, I could Sync from WMP11beta with no problem. Just since its full release.

I've read elsewhere that this is a bug in WMP11, but I would have thought it would generate many more postings on forums if it was a widespread issue.

Is it just me?

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No one else at all having issues with WM5 devices and WMP11?

Can you post if you can sync to a memory card on a WM5 device with no problem? And also if poss. let me know which version of WMP11 you're using (using help about) - like below?

Device : Orange SPV600

WMP11 : 11.0.5721.5145

Result : Doesn't recognise memory card in Sync

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I had the exact same problem. Unfortunately my memory is short and I´m not sure how I made it work but I think I recreated the partnership through Active Sync. At least that´s worth a try.

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