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OggSync brings Google Calendar to your Windows Mobile

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Are you a Google Calendar user? Are you longing for over-the-air sync to your Windows Mobile? Well, OggSync just might be the answer!

Available in both freeware and commercial versions, OggSync boasts a comprehensive feature set to provide you with a robust sync solution to both GMail and Google Hosted Domain calendar(s).

From the OggSync website:


OggSync is pleased to announce OggSync 2.0 suite of products. For those with limited needs, OggSync basic will provide the Google Calendar user with full two way synchronization with no 3rd party involved! Direct form Google to your phone!

To install the 2.0beta, first install the .NET CF 2.0 framework with the link to the left, then install the beta. You can do this directly from your phone by loading http://oggsync.com right into your devices Internet Explorer and clicking the links from there.

OggSync 2.0 FreeWare provides the following features:

  • Full 2 way sync from your phone to one of your Google calendars
  • No 3rd party involvement, keep things simple with just your phone and Google Calendar.
  • Full support for repeating events, and changes to those repeating events
  • Uses over the air or cradled connections so you can always be up to date
  • Compatible with Outlook and ActiveSync
    • Multiple calendar sync - Sync any number of Google public and private calendars
    • Automatic Synchronization! Let OggSync keep your phone and Google in sync in the background.
    • Default Calendar Mapping: Optionally have events with no matching Google Calendar category get put in your default Google Calendar
    • And of course, existing subscribers get automatic full upgrade to OggSync Pro, thank you for your patronage!

    In addition to OggSync FreeWare, OggSync is announcing for the month of January two purchase options:

      [*]Yearly Subscription of $29.95/year

      [*]Montly Subscription of $3.99/month

      [*]Both come with a 3 day money back trial! So there is no risk to signing up!

      Now OggSync gives you more reasons than ever to use our solution for your Windows Mobile device to Google Calendar Syncing needs!

      It looks impressive, and you have to applaud OggSync for providing a free version as well as the more fully featured commercial release.

      I shall be giving it a go and will let you know how I get on!


      Via: Solsie.com

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This installed great on my Blackjack, but when I sync it says there's nothing new to sync, even though I've added events on both calendars and sync'd again. Anyone else had this problem?

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