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Alex (nedge2k)

FCC Approval: I-Mate K-Jar

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I'm still not at all excited about this device after information leaked out about it back in October but for those of you that are, the I-Mate K-Jar (codenamed "Pam" by manufacturers TechFaithWireless) has just received FCC approval. :D

Specs are as follows:

  • 2.4" QVGA touch screen
  • TI OMAP 730 200Mhz CPU
  • Triband GSM/GPRS (no 3G!)
  • 128MB ROM
  • 64MB RAM
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b only!)
  • 2.0MP Camera (no auto focus or flash)
  • miniSD
  • 1100mAh battery
  • USB1.1 (nice and slow then :) )
  • External display

A resounding "meh" I'm sure you'll agree but hey, whatever floats your boat, right? :D

EDIT: Just had a quick look through the manual and this thing is damned small! Almost the same size as a Herald! Maybe this is the reason for the lackluster specs?


More FCC shots, comparison shots and the device's user manual after the jump...[/teaser]








[User Manual] (PDF Link)


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Haven't we seen something like this before with the ill-fated and and ultimately dead-and-buried Moto MPX?? :) Not the most attractive phone on the planet either, it mings somewhat. It's not attractive, not particularly powerful and lacking in the feature department too. A phone only iMate could love it seems. :D

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hmmm tempting but the spec sucks...

from a jasjar user... hmm wonder how they would compare to the jasjar...

Lovely looking though - why can't we have some decent looking PDA devices? They all look sooooo dated!

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I saw the images and thought oh goody a smaller better jasjar (I own a jasjar), the only improvement is the size and external display and the rest of it retards it even further. Worse Screen, worse keyboard, worse camera (not that the flash was much use), worse looking swivel

HTC needs to replace universal with...

smaller size


Simple screen & numberpad on outside lid (access contacts, place call, see incoming caller id, see alerts (messages, voice mail, low battery, etc. also allow other programs to utilise keys such as media players)

main screen start/ok/soft buttons (as well as D-Pad)

pwr button IR port and SD slot to top edge (holding in portrait)

USB2 5pin mini

USB A port for On The Go

behind battery microHDSD slot (in addition to SDIO external slot to provide a semi-permanent storage)

WIFI b & g

mobile graphics GPU (not essential but this is a wish list)

more than 64Mb ram 128? 256?

3G (fastest possible)

Camera with optical zoom, lens cover and real flash (wish list)

Capslock and functionlock LEDs

Bluetooth 2.0

GPS (why not?)

VGA output port (via adapter use ipod port make use of all ipod accessories)

FM radio

TV (ok i'm getting silly I know)

processor pre-tested for overclocking to 150% (I'm bitter because mine doesn't overclock too well)

fingerprint scanner (cos my dad's ipaq's got one)

I'm sure i can think of more but I'm already tempting some-one to have a huge backlash post to my list

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