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Have you applied your DST updates?

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Now I don't claim to be an expert on this, being in the UK and all... but I consider it my duty to provide a public service to ensure all affected Windows Mobile users have applied their DST update (if you're in the US, Canada or Mexico... that's YOU!) ;)

From the Microsoft Daylight Saving 2007 Update page...

Congress has changed the dates for Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the United States starting in 2007. Canada has adopted similar DST dates. These changes could cause clocks and Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments on Windows Mobile-powered devices to display incorrect times for March 11 – April 1, 2007 and October 28 – November 4, 2007 and again in subsequent years. You can find more information about the exact dates and potential impact in the Changes in DST section.

To make sure your appointments on your Windows Mobile devices are accurate, you’ll need to update your device. If you regularly synchronize your device with your PC, you’ll need to update Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Outlook as well.

We have three tools that will help your make these updates:

  • 2007 Time Zone Update for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  • Outlook Time Zone Update Tool
  • Daylight Saving Time 2007 Update Tool for Windows Mobile

Note: All users in the United States, Canada and Mexico should immediately install these updates. Users in other countries should install these updates if they travel to the United States, Canada and/or Mexico or if they make calendar appointments that include attendees that are based in the United States, Canada and/or Mexico.

Update CABs an EXEs are available for your device from the page linked above... be sure to update prior to the March 11th change if you're affected !


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THanks for the heads-up!

...and the link...

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