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N95 Best deal

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Im really tempted with an N95 just not by the price

what's the best deals you guys have or have seen

I only really want to be paying £25 a month contract over 12months ans £150 max for the handset not too bothered on the network

But say if i got a contract @ £35 a month could i downgrade after a few months to a cheaper contract

Sorry not had a contract phone for years always bought sim free.

Also is it true tomtom cant be used at the minute with the built in GPS ;)


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In a similar vein has anyone seen any of those deals that throw in a PS3 or Xbox360 if you take out a contract? I am mid contract but fancy a new phone but figure if I can pick up a PS3 for a £35/month contract for 12 months, say, AND get an N95 thrown in I am ahead on the deal, and also end up with a spare SIM. Probably a bit early in the life of the N95.........

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