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Server Downtime

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MoDaCo regulars may have noticed that the site has been unavailable for most of today.

A problem with the configuration of the server was to blame (my bad!), apologies for any inconvenience and thanks to Vid from Upsolv for his assistance once again.


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It would die at 10:45 pm the first night in a long time I get an early one, and the day before I have a long drive to football.


Sods law!

At least Saturday is a 'quiet day'... ;)


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What did you do during the MoDaCo downtime?

Q1. How did you attempt to read MoDaCo?

  1. Tried www.modaco.com
  2. Tried the IP address
  3. Tried the waybackmachine
  4. All of the above
Q2. How often did you try to load www.modaco.com?
  1. Just once
  2. Several times
  3. Not sure but my F5 key now needs to be replaced
  4. Just once... it only took the server 14 hours to respond
Q3. Did you attempt to contact Paul to tell him about the downtime?
  1. Who's Paul?
  2. Yes, I emailed him
  3. Yes, I rang his mobile number
  4. Yes, I rang his mobile number while driving to his house
Q4. How did you pass the time waiting for MoDaCo to return?
  1. I spoke to my wife/husband/general family
  2. Watched the Grand National
  3. Bet on the Grand National
  4. Bet on the Grand National with the intention to use the winnings to buy a new server
Mostly 1s - You are a normal, well adjusted person.

Mostly 2s - Your devotion to all things Mobile is a big part of your life

Mostly 3s - You have a poster of the HTC Kaiser on your bedroom wall, don't you?

Mostly 4s - Step away from the computer!

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sadly none of the above just let my rabbit destroy the house till modaco was back , now to the repairs ;)

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