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WM6 for the Excalibur/Dash/Mail/E600

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With the leak of the T-Mobile WM6 ROM release i think its worth reminding everyone of the forum rules. They're at the top of EVERY forum, including this one, and can be found here as well:


We provide in-depth and most current news in part due to our great relations with mobile operators and handset manufacturers, illegally distributing ROMs degrades our reputation and means we can't get you the latest news, give aways, competitions and help!

So please do NOT discuss where to access the leaked Dash ROM, or any other illegal ROM.


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thanks guys im new here i own a dash anybody know alot about the device hit me upi love mobile rtechnology but its hard for me to keep up so if anyone feel they can help me out with tips n tericks please do so thanks

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only for T-Mobile US Devices. Non-branded HTC's need to wait a little longer.......

Maybe I just missed it but for those of us with HTC devices... it's been almost 3 months longer now and as far as I am aware, there is still no WM6 upgrade available from HTC.

Did I miss something?

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