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Paul's Vox eT9 Language Pack

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For some reason, it didn't work for me.

Cab installed and restarted.

Unable to enable T9 at all, on any selected language.

When "Phone keypad" selected, no letters was typing in, just numbers.

Hard to understand, considered above opinions :(




I´ve got the same Problem with my HTC Touch2. I´ve got WM 6.5 on it. Installing the CAB-file of the language pack works and after rebooting there are all the languages listed in XT9. But when I´m typing on the buttons there are only numbers.

WM 6.5 is very new, I know but does anybody have an idea where I can get a hungarian XT9 language pack for WM 6.5? I´m writing very much with my girlfriend in Hungary and it takes so much time without XT9! I need HEEEEELP!!! :D

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i'm using ASUS p750

my problem, after installed et9 language pack, my keypad only can use for number only while sms, how to turn on letters mode? (button * also not working, and show nothing..please help)

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Hi gyus!

Anyone ever seen a T9UkraininanLmd.dll or something like that. I've already succeeded in installing Eng, Rus and Dutch, which work together (all 3 are shown in the #-menu and can be selected). Can't find Ukrainian on the web, but according to Tegic website it exists on this planet ;)

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