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Wifi connection to internet via access point

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I was struggling to connect my SPV M2000 to my network via a DLink access point. I couldn't see where to enter the default gateway information. Not understanding much about proxy server settings, I tried entering the default gateway address of in the proxy server settings, and this enabled me to connect to my local webserver at address but not to the internet.

Not sure what setting has now changed but when I now try to connect to it asks me for a user name and password. Can anyone advise on settings required please for connecting to the internet via an access point on a LAN?

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Your default gateway is the device on the network that you pass through to access the wan. Is your dlink a stand alone access point connected to a router?

If so, I would guess your router/gateway will have an IP address of

You shouldn't need a proxy server unless this is a work network and you do need to authenticate on a proxy/ISA server.

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The access point connects to the default gateway router and that router has an ip of

Ok I've removed the proxy settings. In the connections for:

"Programs that automatically connect to the internet should connect using:" and

"Programs that automatically connect to a private network should connect using:"

I have "My Work Network" selected.

Under Proxy Settings should "This network connects to the Internet" be checked? I assume so.

But there seems no where to define the ip of my default gateway.

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