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HTC S720 (telus) help plz

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I recently bought a HTC S720 (Telus) and have a few questions.

I am new to smartphones/pdas I was still using my old audiovox 8100 so please bear with me. Also besides being new to this type of device I am having trouble finding stuff on this specific device.

1.) Is it possible to get other colors for the GUI other then the default red, blue or green and how would I go about doing so.

2.) Can I disable/change the telus banner (on all Homepage types) and also maby the Font color as the default is white which means I need very dark background pics.

3.) Would it be possible to use Video emulators on this since it is a windows type OS (ie gameboy sega NES/SNES)

4.) A friend gave me a disk with some stuff on it I figured out the pics and ringtones but all the games are in .jar and .jad file types (ie tetris.Jar and tetris.jad in the tetris file.) how are these used?

5.) What types of game file extensions can I use? what should I be looking for?

and lastly I am just plain overwhelmed by all the downloads and such and have no idea if they will work with my phone. what are some of your must haves? and where can I find compatible apps for my new phone (hopefully some freebies lol)

thanks for the help!! :rolleyes:

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1) Yes...do a search on editing homescreens and color schemes in the Customization section.

2) See #1

3) When you say video emulators I assume you mean Game Emulators. Yes, please see the Application-Games section.

4) .JAR and .JAD files are for Java phones. Your phone should have a JAVA app in it. The apps would need to be run from there as the native OS is WindoesMobile.

5) Look for applications and games made for Windows Mobile Standard or Windows Mobile Smartphone. Check out the downloads section or sites like Handango. Or you could click on the FairDeal link above to buy apps.

Give the site a read...or search for your quiestions, there is a ton of info here. Check out the Wiki by clicking the link at the top of the page. Enjoy!

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Encece seems to have answered the questions you had. I just wanted to chime in and say I'm super jealous! The S720 looks so cool, I can't wait for a US carrier to get it. Lucky.

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odd6603, fancy posting some screenshots so we can see the default telus stuff? Then we can tell you what u can change :rolleyes:

A free trial of Resco Photo Viewer for Smartphone (http://www.resco.net) will give you a screen capture option.


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Ok here are some screen caps of the menu and a few default colors and home screen types.


I am basicly looking tohave more then the default 3 colors, get rid of the "telus" everywhere and maby have the option to switch the font to a dark (black ) in case I want a lighter background.

thx for all the pointers encece!

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