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Help required! PDA with GPS "copy and paste" software solution.

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Hello chaps (and possibly chappesses), it's been a while.

Work have asked me to look into the prices of getting some PDAs to use whilst on site. On these PDAs we need to log boreholes and trialpits with the description of the soils encountered and their location. We've previously used PLog on a ruggidised PDA, however we've found the way of inputting the data to be too inflexible so we intend on using a PDA with an excel spreadsheet template which we will then import into our logging software in the office.

We will be inputting a fairly large amount of text, around 100 to 200words per log (there's 100s to do over several months).

So we need....

1) PDA with a large screen or keyboard or both so that text entry is fairly easy.

2) Preferabbly ruggidised or with a decent case that doesn't hinder its use.

3) Bluetooth GPS or even better internal GPS.

4) Phone facility is not really required.

5) Some software that will read the GPS and copy the co-ordinates to clip board so these can be imported into the excel spreadsheet.

6) Good battery life or ability to buy extended capacity batteries.

Can anyone please give me some recommendations for the above. Price is not all that important so feel free to go fairly wild (say upto around the £1.5k mark) :rolleyes:

Thanks muchly,


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