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El Boyo

XDA Mini with TomTom Nav 5

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A friend of mine has a XDA Mini with TomTom Naviagtor 5.21 and can't get the Bluetooth GPS to connect to the device. The XDA finds the GPS as a bluetooth device in Bluetooth Settings and Devices but the icon is a '?' in a yellow circle, what does that mean? How can TomTom find the GPS? Would Navigator 6 work better?


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Has he tried creating the Bluetooth Serial Port once the GPS is paired? Unless he does, there is no way the Mini can receive the data stream, even when apparently paired.

Until this is done, no GPS software will work. Unfortunately, I can't remember which port settings are best, but this is from our previous guide:

At this stage you should pair your Bluetooth GPS Receiver before launching TomTom.

Start>Settings>Connections>Bluetooth> Turn on bluetooth.

Turn on your Bluetooth GPS receiver.

Click on “devices” tab and then on “new Partnership”

Wait for the scan.

Select “BT GPS” (or whatever your's is called).

Click on "next" Enter passkey (mine was "0000")

Check your GPS Receiver's manual.

Click on "next"

Once properly paired, put a check next to "Serial Port" as the device's available service.

click "Finish".

Click on "COM Ports" Tab

Click "New Outgoing Port", select "BT GPS" (or whatever your's is called).

click "next".

Set COM port to "COM4", while leaving Secured Connection still checked.

If that doesn’t work, choose a different COM port.

Click "Finish" and your device should now be listed with (COM4) next to it.

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Hi el boyo i had the same problem as your friend and this is what i tried and it seemed to sort my problems out. but iam using a o2 mini s tomtom 5 not 5.2 you could try this you could be lucky mines working fine ;) follow all directions STEP 1: ACTIVATE THE GPS CONTROL PANEL

1. Start up a registry editor

2. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\GPS Settings 3. Delete the Dword in there and the value and replace them with:

A new DWORD called "Group" and give it the value of "2" (dec) 4. And create a new string called "(default)" with no value (I think there was originally a string called redirect, rename this "(default)" if it's there 5. The GPS panel will now show up in your connection settings. (check it does)

note: you may have to soft reset after each stage if it appears not to work straight away but i managed to make these changes then saved them soft reset and then went to control panel in settings and a GPS option was there. You'll need this for the next stage. Wait about 1 minute before doing the soft reset.

STEP 2: Set up the GPS & Tomtom

1. Establish a bond with your GPS and select the checkbox for serial access.

2. In the GPS control panel, select the GPS program to 6 and make sure that the hardware one, is set to None.

4. Start TT5 and the GPS settings, select another bluetooth GPS, and you will see COM 6 free. Select COM 6 and close TT5.

5. At the GPS control panel again, now select COM (none) 6. At BT: select OUTGOING port to 6.

7. Finally start TT5 and it should connect automatically. Wait for a couple of seconds and click the GPS settings and you should see it has connected.

If you follow the above exactly it should hopefully work

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