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Receive small SMS pictures

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I have a T-Mobile Wing. When I receive a SMS picture message, the picture is really small. I took a picture myself (640 X 480) and sent myself an SMS message, the attachment of the picture was 89K in size - when I received the SMS picture message, the picture was 10K in size and the resolution was 160 X 120.

I have made sure that I send SMS messages the original size. I know others that are having this same problem. Since I am a newbie at this, I have no idea how to reflash a ROM - I can figure out how to install a CAB file.

Here's info on my phone:

ROM Ver 4.10.531.3WWE

ROM Date 03/15/07

Radio Ver 02.83.90

Protocol Ver

Ext ROM Ver 4.10.531.103

Model: Hera110

The phone is locked to T-Mobile.

Can someone PLEASE help me receive 640 X 480 pictures and/or larger!!

Thank you so much for your time and help in advance!

:) -Randy

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I called T-Mobile and final got transfered to Tier 2 Tech Support, after testing the problem with them, he had me take the battery out of the Wing and leave out for 30 seconds - put it back in then restart the phone. I then sent myself a picture that was 89K in size. I then recieved the MMS pic - full size!!!

He said he was going to take me off the network while the battery was off and then re-apply me.

His name was Duncan, and I called between 6pm CT and 7pm CT.


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