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'Shadow' Smartphone coming to T-Mobile USA

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You know that Blackberry Pearl-esque SureType keyboard recently revealed on the HTC Touch Slide? Well it's coming to Smartphone Windows Mobile Standard too!

The Boy Genius Report has exclusive deets on what seems to be a retail ready Smartphone named the 'T-Mobile Shadow' (that's T-Mo USA folks), which features the aforementioned input method (again via a slider), together with an Artemis style roller.

Other specs are thin on the ground at the moment (with even a VGA screen being rumoured!), but our money is on the old faithful 200MHz OMAP setup (boo!). We'll let you know when we here more, but, you know, it does look pretty hot. Fingers crossed for a T-Mobile UK release?


PS Seriously, is WinMo Standard / Professional / Classic the lamest naming scheme ever? ;)



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