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Remove of items form the startmenu

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I recently removed a program from my Moto Q9m. The program name and a generic icon still appear in the list of programs. I've tried the registry setting which allows you to change the order of the items in the program list. The removed program doesn't even appear in the list. It's as if it were a ghost. Funny thing is I've seen things like this in the past in Windows. Is there a registry setting I've missed?

Any assistance would be appreciated

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I've had this same problem, where just a blank icon appears in the start menu. to fix, you need to go to Start - File Manager - Windows - Start Menu - then pick the program icon (the one with the .lnk file extension). Once that is selected, click Menu,File, then Delete. I've had the start menu freeze up afterwards, but do a soft reset (turn off then on), and the start menu works again. DO NOT click on the blank icon in the upper bar on your homepage, or the start menu will freeze again.

This is how I've done it on my Q, hopefully it will work for others.

If you used the Remove Programs function under the Settings section, it should remove the name from the list. Then go do the above

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