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Questions about HP IPAQ 610

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Hi Kalif, Regarding the installation of VoIP client on WM6, I'vd done all the necessary installation and configuration.

Current now, i got Wi-Fi connection, the Internet call was selected with my VoIP account.. then i take out the SIM.

I'd tried to make call from contact number, press call button but the call function is using the phone function and the pop-up say "Networ service is not available. Try again later".

So, pls enlighten me how can I get this VoIP call using Wi-Fi setting.

FYI, I can use Voip by Fring software.

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Not sure about the 4Gb kingston...but micro SD cards are quite cheap now. Bought the 2Gb for SGD8 only. 4Gb should be in the range of about SGD20.

I'm using Kingston 4Gb micro SDHC and Kingston 2Gb micro SDHC until now on several iPaq 614C devices.

Both cards can be used with one comment for the 4GB.

When doing a soft-reset the card will not be detected when device is starting WM6.

To resolve this you must switch the device off (press on/off witch for 3 secs and select yes) and than switch the device on.

I now have ordered a Dane-Elec microSD 4 GB SDHC to see if this card has the same issues.

I will let you know...


Today i received the "Dane-Elec microSD 4 GB SDHC" and this one works perfect. So no reboot issues with this card.

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Hi all,

I owned my Ipaq 614c 1 month ago. I change the Rom in EN with WM6.1 (Rom from XDA forum). It work like a charm. Only pb is that I've lost my XT9 French. So, if someone have the XT9 language file for French, please give me, pls.


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