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M:Panel - Is this currently worthwhile...?

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I'm not sure whether to sign up for Web 'n' Walk or not.

I don't currently have it, but it does appeal - obviously!

Would this go 2/3 of the way towards paying for it??!!



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im currently doing this mainly to pay for web n walk.

At present i have two uploads:

Nov 2007

Oct 2007

I instantly received an email saying i would receive £15 but still not received anything yet. Even if M:Panel dont pay out i might still keep web n walk as its really good (emails, weather update, facebook etc etc etc)

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I used it for a long time then I stopped when I got my wing (I couldn't get it to work). When I was using it I got my initial sign up pay, plus 1 other check for monthly data. Recently I got it to work on my wing (no idea why it didn't work before) and they even are counting the last month I used it on my SDA so I'll be getting a check this month.

You do need to be a little patient with the checks though, my first transfer check wasn't sent on time so I waited until the next month and sent them an email. I got my check shortly after that.

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