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Help Needed With T-mobile dash Videos

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Hi, i have a t-mobile dash with WM6, and so far ive tried putting videos on it but none seem to work so i have a couple of questions that i'd appreciate if someone would answer them:

1)what type of movies does the tmobile dash play?

2)is there a way it can play avi. videos?

3)is there a movie converter i need?

4)are there any video apps i need?

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Hi there.

1) The Dash will play many different formats using WMP or TCPMP (Much more support for different codecs)

2) TCPMP will generally play avi files though AVI is just a container, there are many different codecs it could be

3) I generally use PocketDivxEncoder (free) to convert along with TCPMP to play

4) See above.

Hope this helps.

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