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Phone not syncing and other things

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This is most annoying :)

I have had this problem practically since my SPV M3100 was brand new!!!

Every now and then my phone refuses to sync, I can't delete files, Cab files won't run.

The only thing that sorts the problem is to HARD reset it!!

This is a pain as you all will be aware.

Does anyone know if there is anyting I can do instead of having to do the reset?

Ps I'm now on the Black Satin WM6 and the problem is still here, I also got the WM5 AKU3 update from the Orange Website and it still happened with that too!

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By the sound what you say in of your last sentence it isn't ROM related. have you tried running it clean for a while to eliminate the possibility that it's a piece of third-party Software you're using?

If so it's possible you have a faulty unit, which Orange should exchange for you

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