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Christopher Woods

Anybody want a 12 month Three contract with a free K800i?

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Apologies for the crosspost, I thought it would be relevant to feature this in the SE forum as well as the 3 forum.

NB: this isn't any kind of affiliate marketing or commercial advertising, I'm just seeing if anybody would like to take ownership of a second phone contract I currently have which isn't being used.

It's Three's £28 a month Talk & Text 900 deal, the one they offered for a limited time before they stopped offering their old tariffs. If you want the contract, you can have it for free (aside from the ongoing monthly bills which you would pay directly to Three) - plus I'd give you the handset that they gave me, a Sony Ericsson K800i, for free. You can do with that as you like.

The tariff's kinda nice because it has 750mins, 150 texts and 10 video minutes for free - something the new tariffs don't have. So, if you have a 3G phone and want to get some use from it, you might like this. Also, as I've already paid for 6 months out of the 18 month contract, you'll have a chance to renew after just 12 months - something you just couldn't do if you went and got a new 3 contract from them direct.

Full details about this are on my Gumtree posting for this (including my contact details): http://birmingham.gumtree.com/birmingham/74/20597374.html

This is STRICTLY a one-off offer, I don't have loads of these sitting around waiting to be sold :) I'll make nothing from this, I just hope that someone gets more use from this contract than I do, because at the moment it's just sitting on my desk doing nothing whatsoever (I have my own phone for my use, this phone was a phone for a colleague who got their own contract and decided to use theirs instead).



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Someone almost took me up on the offer, but pulled out at the last minute - the offer's still available if anybody wants it.

Given that the networks seem to be moving again towards this kind of fixed allowance again, including 3, I think the allowance is pretty generous - 750mins, 150texts, free voicemail, plus you have the free video minutes (nice gimmick if you have a video phone)... You can't get some of that any more.

If this deal isn't taken up by someone soon, I'll just give the contract to my sister for her birthday present - so if anybody's interested, they have a window of about four months from the start of July to PM me! :D

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