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Outlook & Phone Contacts, E Mail and Active Sync

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I recently got an SPV M700 WM5 device, previousl I had an SPV C550 Windows CE and I have only ever connected it to my Laptop using Activesync to copy cab files and music etc.

I have never used ActiveSync to sync address book contacts or E Mails.

Can anyone point me to a good tutorial or uide on using Active Sync.

I use MS Office XP but I`m about to install MS Office Enterprise 2007 with Outlook 2007 which I believe is compatible with Activesync, I`ve just downloaded ActiveSync 4.5.

One main thing I need to know is if I have contacts already on my phone and contacts already in ooutlook which ones will get overwritten. Does the Outlook on the PC remain the master and the PPC remain the slave?? What syncs with what?

What`s the best way of setting up a partnerships to maintain details.

I have a BT Internet E Mail account on my PC but have not set up an E Mail account yet on my PPC, it would be nice to check my E Mails on the PPC but not essential but it would be nice to be able to send EMails and have the replies go home?

I suppose I could set up a sub account with BT and just use that on the PPC to avoid confusion.

Many thanx


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I've no experience of Outlook/Enterprise 2007 but, to get you started, when you plug in your phone after installing ActiveSync and the New Partnership wizard starts you get the option of combining Contacts etc stored on your phone with those on your PC. This is your best option to start with and, once sync'ed, you can clear out duplicates and generally tidy things up.

Offhand I don't think I've seen an ActiveSync tutorial but there is plenty of info on specific issues (should you have any) on this forum, as there is on similar sites. It's not that complicated though and you just need to go carefully through the options in the set-up wizard. Any mistakes you make are easily recoverable from as long as you do the combine of info to begin with.

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