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Moto Q / Q9M nuisances

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Yes....nuisances.And bugs..lots of them.On my Q9M.Such as - You go to send an mms message and allmost 3 seconds later a message pops up saying "Could not send all messages" and thus you have to push "Send/Receive" to make it send.And of course it sends right away.So why in the world does it do this? It does it quite often and is a BIG nuisance.----- ----- Another issue.This one is some kind of bug or improper setting somewhere. - While reading txt or mms messages ....words and sometimes a sentence is missing in a couple lines of text just as the sentence would end at the far right side to continue to the next line on the left.The characters are still there.Just that some go missing from the screen at word wrap points.This does not happen while you are typing out a message.Only happens while displaying received messages.This causes mis-read text and makes me have to send a message back asking what they said etc etc. -- Also...is there a different .qcp playback codec because qcp playback sounds like [email protected] same qcp files on LG cellphones sound way better.Thsi is pertaining to the voice recordings and sound in video.... Oh might I add one more here. --- You see this message here...see how all sentences are all bunched up and not paragraph formatted....I'm typing this using IE mobile.Even though I have spaced this properly at this current minute,you will read this message on Modaco as all one bunched up blob of text.Is there a way to fix this so it doesn't ignore formatting?

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