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CorePlayer updated to version 1.2.2

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Love or hate their move from free to paid, you have to give credit to CoreCodec for their regular updates to CorePlayer Mobile... which has just hit version 1.2.2.

Changes in this version include...

- FIX: Did not start to play the 'next' file if the current file has an error

- FIX: The restore position in non-DB mode

- FIX: Various HTTP enhancements

- FIX: QPEL and Quantizer artifacts in MPEG4 decoding

- FIX: The M3U probe

- FIX: The busy icon when starting the player on a still picture

- FIX: Support for some “indirect” ASX streams (loading as a playlist)

- FIX: RTP streams with the same ID for audio and video streams

- FIX: Handling and display of Unicode characters

- FIX: The text clipping in the UI

- FIX: The font color use

- ADD: The possibility to remove an item permanently from the DB (in Current Selection)

- ADD: Improved the escaped chars reading in XML (podcasts, skin, etc)

- ADD: M4A and audio/mp4 association support

- ADD: Improved the podcast reloading accuracy

- ADD: Podcast preloading one at a time when browsing the Media Library

- ADD: More RSS fields to get metadata from podcasts

- ADD: Improved Unicode support in ID3v2 tags

- ADD: An option to give more CPU for audio decoding (off by default)

- ADD: Better TS / M2TS and AVC Elementary Stream probe

- ADD: Allow Unicode characters in YouTube queries

- ADD: Skin: Add the possibility to use icons in menubars

- ADD: Skin: Add the possibility to skin the DBBROWSER items

- ADD: Skin: Better keyboard navigation in ui_grid (Youtube and Media browser)

- ADD: Skin: Allow the use of the Delete/Backspace keys in the Media Library

- ADD: Make the visable font smoother (default is antialiased)

- ADD: MPEG4 ASP GMC optimization on x86

- ADD: MMX optimization of IDCT on x86

- ADD: MMX optimization of MPEG4 QPEL on x86

- CHG: Language: Updated the Hungarian language file

- CHG: Language: Updated the Japanese language file

(phew!), and you can read the full release notes over in the corecodec forums

If you're looking to play video on your device, CorePlayer is the undisputed king... and is available to purchase for $29.95 from the CorePlayer Mobile site. Our one issue with the software? No trial version.... :(

You know, what with all these updates, those guys should build in AppToDate support... :D


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