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MDA Vario won't connect to WiFi

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I have an MDA Vario, and I've been trying of late to get it to connect to my newly installed home WiFi.

Both PCs in the house connect to the signal fine.

I've installed some hack I found on this forum that's supposed to free up the Vario to work with different kinds of networks:


To set up the connection, I've gone to the "connections" tab in settings, then to "network cards", which gives me a list of local signals, including the one I wish to connect to. I've gone into the settings for this connection, selected the correct authentication and data encryption methods (WPA-PSK and TKIP respectively) and entered the network key. However, when I clicked connect it tries for a few seconds and then just flips to "unavailable".

I previously had the phone set up to work with a WiFi signal and VPN from an employer that I no longer work for, but I can't remember how I went about doing that. It's possible i'm still using these connection settings somehow.

Can anyone help me out?



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Hi Matt, have you checked whether you have MAC control turned on on your wi-fi router ? Is it blocking access from your device.

If so add the MAC address of your device into the address tables on the router.



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Maybe also try and set the devices performance to Best Performance in Power Mode?

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