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Tons of problems off the back!

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Hello everyone:

Im new to the forum as well as the whole unlocked phone deal(bought from tigerdirect.com) and I might be asking some simple questions, but I cant find any info or instructions to set up my I320. While I found the same problems across the net, it seems ppl dont or have not updated their post and nothing for me to follow.

I really like this phone and really want to give it a shot. I currently have Tmobile FL USA and my problems are as listed.

-No bars, but not roaming, can still make outgoing calls

-Can not pick up incoming calls, phone flashes but I cant pick up.

-I can only send SMS/MMS messages, can not receive. (Solved)

-Phone # is not saved in Call Options,

-Phone set to PCS1900(tmobile us). no bars?

Im not currently using the phone for its browser, so at this time im not going to get into that (even though thats all over the net). Im just a text whore and feel really comfortable with the setup of the i320 and its the reason why I bought the phone.

Any help will be great! Thanks in advance.

Jay :D

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well you shoud reset your phone and it will work fine you just shutdown your phone press the 0 key and the power up key in teh same time enter the password 1234 and wait and you are done your phone is fixed ( btw back up your contacts if they were on the phone memory)

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