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Mysterious Stranger

StarTrek (tm) themes for HTC StrTrk?

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Yes I am a geek. I freely admit it. I've stripped a HTC StrTrk using the pinned guide, removed the metal plate cover from the fittings, sprayed it gold ( bear with me ;-) and re-assembled. Now, it looks a bit like Kirk's communicator from the 60's StarTrek series! Gold flip and black base. (Haven't done the battery cover as IIRC that was black on the communicator) Yay!

So where can I get some Star Trek sounds / backgrounds to make me look cool at my next comic convention? I'm using a WM6 rom. I'd like to change the outer screen to the star trek logo. Any ideas?


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You're funny.....lol...i used to be a big startrek fan in my younger days....loooonnggg ago.....

Here you can download some backgrounds (right format for main screen):


You could try to use them for the outer screen, but you might need to change the size.

Ringtones you can find all over the net, just lemme know if you're unable to......i remember having some midi files somewhere.

have fun!

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Take a look at the downloads section here, there have been various themes submitted over the years.

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