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Too many emails are being pulled

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Sorry for the lack of creativity in the title, wasn't sure how to succinctly describe my predicament.

My search failed to find a previous topic that address the following problem:

Since I updated to 6.1, I've been struggling to reconfigure to my old email settings on my Moto Q9c (Sprint).

I have my phone automatically send/rcv for new messages every six hours. It pulls Gmail and Bellsouth. On my home PC, I pull all my emails through Microsoft Outlook.

Previously, If Outlook pulled the emails, my motoq wouldnt unnecessarily pull them as well. Now if I pull the emails on Outlook, I can read and delete them, but my phone will continue to download them all.

This identical action occurs with both emails, so is their some setting on my Moto Q email or Outlook that I could change to fix this situation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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